Tuesday, June 30, 2009

arsface - planet juices bubbling traces

here is an album recorded by a. smith (basement sesssions) and myself under arsface.
sliced into 3 trax, but better as a whole.
smears, pests, loves, sounds, romantic.

arsface - planet juices bubbling traces

new basement sessions album

that crazy fucker a. smith has released a new basement sessions album.
returning ep is an epic work of space and superb languidness that rustles like velvet badgers.a dream-like state of expansion and love. yay.

download/stream the album here


A little track i made a while ago. overlaying clarinets. its nice to listen to.

clarinets again

Sunday, June 28, 2009

lennox starr site

my extrememly talented and very good friend jared hugeness ginsburg makes art in cape town, south africa. hes a total fuckin national treasure and hes also a super nice man. he goes under the lennoxx starr name sometimes, check out the link below for his work.
be awed.

lennox starr artwork

basement sessions stuff

got some stuff two tracks to post from my man aaron smith aka basement sessions aka my flatmate.
this song blues is off his lovely goodness of an album ambient guitar.
long sustaining winds-resentful is over amazing. taken from his winter escapist album, a true piece of excellence.
link for ambient guitar lp and other albums/art/video super good stuff.
winter escapist aint up yet, ill add it soon.

basement sessions - this song blues (from ambient guitar)

basement sessions - long sustaining winds-resentful (from winter escapist)

archive.org site for basement sessions

Saturday, June 27, 2009

arsface track

my flatmate aaron, of basement sessions, and i made a little garon jam under the arsface name.
its a 7 minute song and dance of nothing.
you can download/stream it from this site:

arsface - z-a

golden dwarves - tones

made this not too long ago. drones and stuff. feathery. nice to listen to in one go.

golden dwarves - tones

positive face - brahmins

hello agains. this is an album i made under hooray. its pretty random noise and useless sounds and things but there are nice moments and i like it. k bye.

positive face - brahmins

beacon isle - 80's druglord

a little album i made in 2006. on myspace.com/curlyfingers under that name.

beacon isle - 80's druglord

some random stuff and classical shit

this is two collections of tracks. the first is some stuff i did under hooray not too long ago and the other is "classical" pieces of sorts that i did over some time. alright.

*not available anymore

bob china supergroup - the colours change

an album of beats i made back in early 2006. pretty nice to smoke up to.
my friend steven from cape town also makes under bob china.
gonna post his shit up soon. stay tuned.

bob china supergroup - the colours change

parrots ep

this is a little ep i made under the name parrots
its pretty short, each track named after an island in the Caribbean.
chilled out stuff. k thanks.


pears - boutros boutros ghali

this is a little album i made under the pears name earlier in the year.
its little guitar pieces with other stuff. you may like it. ok.

pears - boutros boutros ghali

Some more lagos stuff

Here is a little 7 track ep of some lagos stuff.
random stuff for a weekend of laundry and weddings.

lagos disco machine - other stuff

lagos disco machine

This is a compilation of tracks i made under lagos disco machine.
they are collected from the warm orange ep and destruction sound lp as well as other tracks.
made between 2006-2008. cool cool ok bye.

lagos disco machine

What this is for

i created this so i can have a way to "release" music i am making. by myself or with other people.
albums, jams, single tracks. whatever.
i make music under different names so i will categorize it according to that.
my name is gary and i am from cape town, south africa and currently reside in brooklyn, ny.
i will try upload regularly music that i and friends of are making.
cool, thanks.